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January 30, 2010
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POKEMUNZ by shugotenshii POKEMUNZ by shugotenshii

for my own personal lulz and :icontrainerkelly:'s story : DDD

obviously... the pokemon don't belong to me... but to my OC. i wonder if anyone cares about OC's anymore...


Name: Kiara Kamiya
Starting Age: 11 / bday: march 1st
Starter Town: Pallet Town
Orginal Hometown: Orre, Agate Village
Lives With: older brother and a ditto, parents stayed back for reconstruction projects in the Orre region
Reason For Going: Her brother bullied her into it because she was lazy and lounged around the house all day.
Likes: food, ramune, cuddling cute fuzzy little pokemon, sleeping, pecha berries
Dislikes: being bossed around, too much physical activity, ghost pokemon, know-it-alls, losing
ANY SPESHUL POWARS?!: ...she has really good eyesight.
Persona: She's lazy in the beginning, despite going to Pokemon School, and see's no appeal in heading out on a journey. She has no desire to train pokemon, or become a good trainer, or walk around all over the place on her own. Her brother manages to convince her to give it a shot after he brings back a poisoned Pikachu back from Viridian Forest. She agrees and they set terms on Pewter City. If she doesn't like it, she can come back home.

Her personality develops through her journey and she becomes bubbly and active, but still can't get rid of her powerful stubborn streak, and strives to be a better person with the help of her pokemon.

pokemon (in order of capture)

Nickname: Ziodyne, Zio for short
Gender: Male
Nature: brave
Obtained: Pallet Town, found in Viridian Forest by Kaira's older brother
Likes: shiny things, lazing around, spicy berries
Dislikes: losing
Persona: Stubborn and lazy as his Trainer, gets fired up easily, tsundere
EVOLUTION: Evolves in Pewter City after digging up a Thunder Stone from the ground.
Other: Doesn't have a great defense, but makes up for it with speed and power

Nickname: Cybele
Gender: female
Nature: Naive
Obtained: Viridian Forest
Likes: hiding in the ground and pretending she's a plant
Dislikes: getting spooked, heights
Persona: Mostly kind and caring, wary around new pokemon and people, playful
EVOLUTION: Evolves at the end of Kiara's journey, at Oak's lab, into a Gloom, and eventually into a Bellossom in Johto.
Other: Not very powerful, makes up for it with special learned moves, dig, spore attacks, and small size.

Nickname: Undine
Gender: female
Nature: Calm
Obtained: Fished out of a pond near Cerulean City
Likes: anything to do with water
Dislikes: anything not having to do with water, confusion
Persona: Mostly mellow, turns into a ball of energy around the water, bit hard-headed
EVOLUTION: Evolves into Vaporeon via Water Stone in Vermilion City.
Other: average in all stats, masters speed and powerful water attacks after evolution.

Nickname: Garudyne, Garu for short
Gender: male
Nature: Bold
Obtained: Route 11
Likes: flying, facing challenges
Dislikes: giving up,
Persona: Tough and overconfident, gets along well with Zio
EVOLUTION: Evolves into Pidgeot after getting into a scuffle with Team Rocket.
Other: faces off against rock types with steel wing, and sandstorm against electric types, knows how to defend himself against more powerful pokemon

Nickname: Agilao, Agi for short
Gender: female
Nature: Sassy
Obtained: Lavender Town
Likes: keeping clean
Dislikes: dirt, rain, being put down
Persona: despite her sassy nature, she develops a protective, big-sister complex for her trainer and the rest of the pokemon team
EVOLUTION: Evolves into Ninetales after Zio finds a Fire Stone and throws it at her after getting pissed off.
Other: highly intelligent, usually able to predict her opponents moves, offset by her overconfidence, a shiny pokemon, with blue highlights instead of red and orange.

Nickname: Mizuchi/Mizuki, or Mizu for short
Gender: male
Nature: Adamant
Obtained: Fished out of a pond in Fuchsia City
Likes: playing in the water with Undine, training himself to be stronger
Dislikes: getting caught
Persona: tough and stubborn, loves to fight.
EVOLUTION: Evolves into Dragonair via training on the way back to the Pokemon League, evolves into Dragonite during the League
Other: Quick and powerful. Sort of the big brother of the group. Learns an array of different attacks. that took a while, kelly D< hope that's enough : DDD
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